I can, in no way possible, list all the problems I see occurring in America today, however, America has seriously entered an era of the “Tail Wagging The Dog”!  What do I mean by that? It’s simple!  Consider closely Web News Feed’s slogan, “It’s always the Squeaky Wheel that gets the Grease, so let’s SQUEAK LOUD AND LONG..!”

The following are the segments of America’s citizens who are squeaking the most and therefore receiving the most grease (attention):-

  • Antifa, Negros, Hispanics, Muslims
  • However, each group individually makes up a very small number of America’s citizens when compared to the entire population of America. In this case,  everyday Americans are the dog and the tiny,  aforementioned groups, especially Antifa and Blacks are the tail. The Tail Wagging the Dog, demanding the dog do as the tail dictates.
  • These groups continually make demands that are completely outrageous, but the “Balance of America” listens and conforms like sheep being lead to slaughter for fear of being seen as uncaring, racist, islamophobic, or homophobic.
  • Americans have the biggest hearts of any people in the world and that’s why we are so easily taken advantage of by those with their own personal agendas who are uncaring and without regard for the whole of America.

(NOTE:- Now, before you get all outraged over the previous statement, I am not saying that every individual of each of the groups mentioned, except for Antifa, are participating in the melee, but the ones that do, know who they are and are making demands that cause the rest of America to have to conform to ridiculous conditions for fear of offending in some way, shape, or manner.)

As to other segments of American life, there are even more ridiculous, out of nowhere. for no good reason, demanded changes:-

  • Educational systems throughout America are allowing the re-writing of history in the books our children use in school. In general, history is being rewritten to the point that tomorrows’ citizens will have no true idea of how the world actually got to where it is at that point in time.
  • Then we have the squirrelly idea of allowing males of all ages, pretending to be females, to participate in female sporting events just because they say they identify as female. Once more, a ridiculous and a complete sham playing out on the American public and they are getting away with it. There go female college sports scholarships.  Also, be sure of exactly who’s in the public restroom before you allow your daughters to go in there.
  • California has just passed a law allowing any child over the age of 10 to be molested without consequences or jail time.
  • Even though there are laws on the books to prevent it, the Federal Government is actually allowing American cities to be havens (Sanctuary Cities) for individuals who sneak across our borders (illegal aliens) is absolutely priceless. These are Democratic-controlled cities by the way. Another way in which the Democrats show their true colors.
  • And, since when do “We The People” allow a Muslim to take a public office being sworn in using the Koran instead of the Bible? The entire contents of the Koran go against everything America stands for and yet America stands mute!

When will the government do its job?

    • What’s more, those same illegal aliens are treated better than true Americans with the issuance of valid driver licenses, free hospitalization, free education, even to the point of receiving government assistance such as Social Security and Medicare far advanced monetarily than that received by true American men and women who are actually citizens of America and spent their lives working to earn such benefits.
    • Check out the news as to the ridiculous laws California, New York and other states have just passed giving illegals driver licenses and most every benefit that only True, Legal Americans have a right to.

Now back to how we raise our children to be responsible adults:-

  • Since when did the loser of any event, to mention a couple such as sporting events, a spelling bee, or anything else that pits individuals against each other, walk off with a trophy just for having participated.  True, you can get a trophy for first, second, or third place but that’s it, if you lose, you lose!  It doesn’t mean you are a loser, it means you have to work harder so at some time in the future you to can be a winner. What are those children who receive a trophy for everything, whether they won or not, going to do when they are adults and they don’t win at everything they do?

I could go on for days with what I see happening in America that is destroying our American way of life but it’s time you open your eyes and look around and see for yourself what’s at your doorstep.

I am of the opinion that America is at the verge of the “Roman Precipice” (the period, when Rome began its decline,) meaning that if American’s do not wake up and start acting like responsible adults using common sense instead of being lead by the nose by every fad or shiny object that comes their way, America will follow the same path as Rome, complete obliteration from the face of the earth.

Some who read this will think I am just a babbling old fool due to the randomness of my complaints; also there is no doubt in my mind that my words will fall on more deaf ears than naught, however, we shall all reap the whirlwind.  It will go down in the record books as the worst downfall of any economy in the history of the world.

Riots in the streets of every city across America have already become the daily routine and there is a chance the future be millions upon millions of Americans being murdered for what they possess, mainly food and weapons. Rape and murder of women, children, and men alike will be the order of the day. Out of those that survive the initial massacre, millions upon millions more will starve to death because the supermarkets will have been ravaged and Americans, in general, no longer know how to raise their own food or secure a clean water supply.

Once starvation becomes evident, cannibalism will run rampant and only the strongest will survive. America will look like scenes from the movie “Road Warrior” and we will be thrown back to the days of the horse and carriage providing any horses survive which is doubtful.

When America becomes weak enough, other world powers such as China and Russia will swoop in mercilessly to fight over the carcass and to devour all that is left. When the dust finally settles, the America that I know, love, and fought for will be nothing more than a footnote somewhere in an unwritten history book and soon forgotten.


ANTIFA and the Democratic Party complete with Socialism and Communism has placed America on a path to destruction. It’s time to take a stand or die like sheep.

To take the  CLICK HERE NOW:- THE VOW and that VOW is to VOTE ONE WAY and put America and True Americans first in everything.