Americans still suffer under lockdowns and “social distancing”, however, recent information has come to light proving that almost all of these measures should not have been forced upon the American population.

The CDC admitted in a recent report that at least 94% of CHINA VIRUS COVID-19 deaths in America were not actually caused by the CHINA VIRUS COVID-19. They are now admitting that 94% were already in a weakened state or already at death’s door with at least one other disease before contracting the CHINA VIRUS COVID-19.

The CDC report also said that in the age group of 75-84, 18,116 out of 42,587 people also had the flu or pneumonia not related to the CHINA VIRUS COVID-19. This means that 76% of all reported U.S. CHINA VIRUS COVID-19 deaths were caused by medical conditions other than the CHINA VIRUS COVID-19. This report also does not take into account other deaths which were misreported as being caused by the CHINA VIRUS COVID-19.

So it would seem that Americans have been duped by the CDC and WHO into believing they were in mortal danger from the CHINA VIRUS COVID-19. The only reason I can think of for this deception is to influence the upcoming Presidential Election.

Every day, Americans have been forced to wear surgical masks while shopping for groceries or shopping at Walmart and a hundred upon hundreds of other locations in order to try to make life livable. The majority of the so-called surgical mask being worn by Americans are not sufficient to prevent an infection of any kind of virus. Some are so poorly designed that they are actually causing more health problems.

I am 77 years old and personally have not been out of my home, other than around in my yard, except for once to gas up my ‘ole pickup and that was back in March 2020. For me, that’s not that much of a problem as I rarely go anywhere anyway, however, it has prevented my son from being able to work as businesses are in shutdown mode because of mandated closings. Even if I were able to venture forth into the public, I would need a tape measure to make sure I maintained the mandated 6’ separation rules. For me, that’s a non-starter as I always shake hands with friends or acquaintances when I see them. So, their warning of “stay at home or die” which has been continuously drummed into my head by the TV, what am I to do?

Now, even if I were inclined to go anywhere, it would be a dangerous move on my part because of all the senseless ANTIFA RIOTING, BURNING, LOOTING, AND MURDERS happening everywhere which has George Soros’s footprints all over it money and support wise. Unlike a lot of Americans who live in densely populated cities and urban areas who are fleeing to more rural areas in many other states, I am not financially able to pack up and leave.

I find it strange that are millions of people here illegally and many others who should not even be receiving Social Security Benefits at all, but are receiving anywhere from 2 to 3 times what I receive after I worked and paid into the fund all my life. I have never been on unemployment or government assistance so why am I being penalized while those who should not be receiving anything bask in the luxury of not having to work at all?

This may be out of place here, but being the ‘ole man that I am, I remember what we as kids use to refer to as a “funny story”.

“A man asks another man, “WHAT’S LIFE?” The other man replied, “A MAGAZINE”. The first man then asks, “WHAT’S IT COST?” The other man replies, “25 CENTS!” The first man replies, “BUT I ONLY HAVE A DIME!” The other man replies, “THAT’S LIFE!”

And that’s the shape that Americans are in right now and in my opinion, it has all been caused by the release of the CHINA VIRUS COVID-19.

As it stands at this hour, Americans have literally had their constitutional rights suspended in a questionable effort to combat the CHINA VIRUS COVID-19.

I personally find it very strange that the Democrats are adamant that the Chinese were not responsible for the CHINA VIRUS COVID-19. Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden in particular, has very close ties to China to the extent of receiving $80.000.00 per month form Chinese Corporation. Joe Biden, his self, seems to be in love with the Chinese and doing everything he can to protect them.

I also find it strange that every bit of these happenings, the CHINA VIRUS COVID-19, ANTIFA RIOTING, BURNING, LOOTING, AND MURDERS taking place across America in Democratically run cities and states have not had an end put to it are taking place so close to an American Presidential Election.

When the Watts riots took place, they were put down posts haste with many injuries and arrests, but the Democratically run cities and states are doing nothing to protect American lives and property, “WHY”???