DEMOCRATIC PARTYMembers of the Democratic Party should have a label tattooed across their foreheads for the world to see, with a warning from the Surgeon General that reads:-

First, allow me to say, I am not a Republican, Democrat, Socialist, or Communist: I’m an American Patriot.  I am proud to have voluntarily served America in the military and I, like millions of others, received an honorable discharge.  I am from very humble (poverty at times) beginnings and I have worked all my life to better myself, raise and support a family.  I vote my heart and what’s best for the America I love and its people.

With that said, here is my view of the Democratic Presidential hopeful after watching Biden and his running mate, Harris speak and taking notes as to what they want to do with our American way of life.

Basically, they want to implement laws and government regulations to bring about the following changes to our American way of life as we know it. I will list them one at a time followed by my comment.  You are invited to comment and voice your opinion here without being censored.  Agree or disagree, that is your privilege.

  • Free college for all
    • Sounds great. That means that at age 76, I can go college to become an attorney or say a doctor or music appreciation major and then do nothing with my degree, right?
    • Who’s going to pay for my tuition, room, and board for 4 or 7 or how many years?
    • They will want the American taxpayer to foot the bill, but over 40% of Americans pay no taxes. I’m not one of that 40%, are you? So who pays?
  • Free Childcare for all
    • Again, where is all this money coming from and how many children per family or is it every single child of every single family in the country including illegals. Remember, some of America’s ethnic groups do not seem to have a handle on how many children is enough especially if the government is paying for it.
  • Government (Medicare) health care for all
    • Once again, who’s going to pay for it. Where is the money going to come from to pay for health care for everyone when over 40% of Americans don’t even work.
  • Curb climate change
    • How do you force a planet to do something especially when you really have no idea of what has caused the problem (if there is one) in the first place? Even if Americans knew exactly what might have caused the supposed climate change, we could not force China to give up their coal-burning power plants
  • Structural changes in the government
    • This was mentioned by Senator Warren but nothing was said about what she meant by it
  • Doubling the income tax credit
    • This is where I reach a sore spot. This is nothing more than the Democrats buying votes from the lower-income portion of America, namely the over 40% of Americans on welfare who, under most circumstances have large families made up of minor children.
    • I know for a fact that numerous low-income families with multiple children allow other individuals, related or not, to claim some of their children on their tax return in order to qualify for the earned income credit.  How do I know, I operated a tax and accounting firm consisting of 5 offices for a large number of years before I retired. Believe me when I say I’ve seen it all.
  • Raising the federal minimum wage to $15.00
    • The candidate that brought this up said it wasn’t right for an individual to have to sling hash at McDonald’s for less than a living wage.  From McDonald’s meager beginnings to until the last few decades, no position at McDonald’s or any other fast-food establishment other than manager was ever meant to be a full-time job. They were intended for after school help from High School kids to be able to make a little extra money while in school and introduce them to work ethics.  Those jobs were never intended for undereducated and high school drop-out individuals to make a career out of instead of getting an education and getting a real job.
  • Paid family leave, for what they did not elaborate
    • They did not elaborate in any manner as to what the paid family leave would cover, childbirth, illness or a stumped toe or who was to be paid, or who would pay, the business owner or the government
  • Produce Green Energy Products to sell to the world
    • Anytime the American government gets into the Green Energy business, the American taxpayer gets hosed for the bill and the would-be Energy company executives take large salaries and bonuses and then bankrupts the company. Let entrepreneurs do the investing and research and keep small business alive and well in the American workplace.
    • President Obama’s Taxpayer-Backed Green Energy Failures
      • Evergreen Solar ($25 million)
      • SpectraWatt ($500,000)
      • Solyndra ($535 million)
      • Beacon Power ($43 million)
      • Nevada Geothermal ($98.5 million)
      • SunPower ($1.2 billion)
      • First Solar ($1.46 billion)
      • Babcock and Brown ($178 million)
  • Allow open borders for all who wish to come here
    • No one came right out and said it, however, it was clear that the Presidential hopefuls would like to see all the illegals at the Mexican border allowed to come into America and roam around where they please.
    • They also want to give them Social Security benefits, free insurance, free education, a driver’s license, and any other benefits that the government would bestow upon them just because they are here and OH, yes so they would vote for the Democrats.
  • Reinstate America in some way, shape or manner back into the Iran Nuclear deal
    • They want to get back into bed with Iran and continue to allow the Iranians to do as they damn well please and probably even give them billions more in American taxpayer dollars as an apology for hurting their feelings
  • They want to confiscate all our guns to keep our schools safe
    • The Democrats are still after the 2nd amendment and all our guns
  • Introduce a carbon footprint tax
    • They want all Americans to pay a carbon footprint tax which would supposedly be used to clean up the environment and prevent global warming.  There is no way that America can do anything by itself that will prevent this planet from doing what it wants to. China will never agree to stop burning coal, it’s their main source for creating electrical power in that country.
  • Break up all major corporations. Google and Amazon were the two I heard mentioned
    • Elizabeth Warren and others wholeheartedly endorsed breaking up Google and Amazon but failed to mention other corporations or give a good reason why.  The people who built these companies were at one-time entrepreneurs and small businessmen and worked for what they have accomplished without any help from the government.
  • I repeatedly heard the candidates speak of a 70% income tax on the top one percent of Americans to pay for everything they were proposing to give Americans for free.
    • Now riddle me this! If you were any one of those individuals that are fortunate enough to be in the top one percent in America and your government came along and said give me 70% of your money, what would you do? MOVE?
  • I also repeatedly heard America referred to as a Democracy rather than a Republic
    • A constitutional republic is a form of government where the people are elected by the people, and laws are set down in a written constitution. It is often simply called a “republic”. The head of state and other representatives are elected but they do not have uncontrolled power.
    • The key difference between a democracy and a republic are the limits placed on the government. In a Republic, by law, a written constitution which has implications for the rights of its people which it governs and democracy does not have such provisions
    • America is a Republic
  • And last but not least, don’t forget the Green New Deal
    • This proposal by Rep. Ocasio-Cortez is so extensive and outlandish in theory, I will not even try to cover it here. Ocasio-Cortez has truly shown her inexperience and ignorance and you can view it for yourself by clicking here.

I do hope true Patriotic Americans understand what the Democratic party plans to do to our beloved country and realize they will do anything to accomplish it.  America better wake up or it will be the next Venezuela the world will be watching on their TVs and wondering how it happened to the Greatest Country on earth.