“Origin of Once More Unto the Breach” This phrase appears in Act-III, Scene-I of Shakespeare’s play, 
Henry V
. The scene begins in the middle of the blockade of Harfleur, as King Henry’s army has blown up some French fortifications. He encourages his army to attack the city again by uttering these famous lines: “Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more; Or close the wall up with our English dead.”

I’m beginning to feel the same way! I originally started WNF in 2009 with some extremely stiff and rigorous complaints and criticisms of Obama and the Democratic party in general.  The web site was coming along fine and gathering a following for about a year or so; then “BOOM”, the site was hacked by individuals claiming to be Muslims but the printed claim had a different feel about it.

The language used by those taking claim for the foul deed did not match that which I would expect from a third world country regardless of their education as it was too refined in its American style of phrasing. I firmly suspect it was Americans who were the culprits and driven by political reasons.

OK, the web site is hacked! I’m understandably pissed and greatly disappointed, however, not one to fall off a horse and get up and go home, I put the web site back up about two weeks later.  I put every article back up the way it had been from files I had saved on my computer hard drive and went right back to hammering the usual suspects even harder.

Within about 6  months from the reboot, the web site was hacked again.  This time there was no credit taken, just a generic screen saying the web site database could not be reached, however, this time they wiped out everything from the general software files of the domain name on my server to the database itself in its entirety.  Additionally, and very suspiciously, my computer with all the backup files, in addition to years of my tax returns and hundreds upon hundreds of personal files, software programs, etc., “POOF”, up in the “proverbial smoke” so’s to say. My computer hard drive had crashed.  I took the drive to a computer guru friend of mine in an effort to retrieve my files, but he said it was complete toast.

So, this time, I let the horse run off into the sunset and turned my interest elsewhere still wondering who but letting it ride.

Now, going on some ten years later and me 77 years of age, “I’m back in the saddle again!” Obama is no longer President, (thank Heaven for small favors) however, the Democratic party is now completely off the rails and I intend trying to be the proverbial, “THORN IN THEIR SIDE!”

I hope that I am able to serve up articles with at least “fair” readability to raise up the backbone of every true American left in this country that possesses a modicum of common sense. Common sense and hard work are what built this country, that is, along with a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. Are we really going to allow those who would be our overlords to take everything that generations of Americans have fought and died to preserve?