The Twin Towers were attacked nineteen (19) years ago by Islamist Terrorists from within and without America. I know exactly where I was that day when I first learned what had happened. Where were you that terrible day in America’s history? I was then employed as a long haul truck driver covering all states and Canada. I was going to travel from the West coast of Florida to Miami via the Alligator Alley Toll road. When I stopped at the toll booth to enter the toll road, the toll boot operator told me about what had happened. I immediately called my wife and she confirmed it to my sorrow.

It took America 10 years to hunt down and eliminate the mastermind, Osama Bin Laden, on May 2, 2011. Even though he wasn’t there, Barack Hussein Obama took credit for what America’s SEAL TEAM 6 did as if he, himself had been there. During that time, America captured the other Islamist terrorist responsible for this atrocity, and what happened to them? They were eventually turned loose by our very own, in my opinion, Islamist Terrorist, Barack Hussein Obama. They eventually made their way back to their fellow terrorist and started right where they left off.


Starting in May 2020, demonstrations over the death of George Floyd while he was being legally arrested by police, have been held in the city of Portland, Oregon, concurrent with protests in other cities around the United States. By July 2020, many of the riots, which have been held every day since May 28, have drawn thousands of participants causing millions upon millions of dollars of damage to private property. Protester rioting has continued right along through August and into September 2020 and here we are today, September 11, 2020, and the Domestic Terrorist are still being allowed to do as they please. They are still looting local businesses, burning buildings and automobiles (Police vehicles among them), murdering innocent people, raping as they please, vandalizing everything in sight, and many other serious crimes causing damage to property and injuries wherever they can. Protester rioting has continued during and all-around heated confrontations with innocent individuals caught up in the melee and counter-protesters, and police sometimes involving injury to protesters and police.

Some of the protests in Portland have been peaceful, but for the most part have involved the looting of local businesses, burning of buildings and automobiles (Police vehicles among them), murder, rape, vandalism, and many serious injuries. A declaration of riot and use of tear gas and other less-lethal weapons has been declared, however, the Democratic Mayor of Portland and the Democratic Governor of Oregon have refused to allow local law enforcement to enforce the law. One person was shot and killed in a clash between protesters and counter-protesters.

In early July, the federal government deployed law enforcement officers to Portland for the stated purpose of protecting federal property. The deployment has been criticized by the entire Democratic Party as well as the Democratic Mayor of Portland and the Democratic Governor of Oregon for what they claim is not clearly identifying officers and for seizing protesters not on or near federal property. Portland’s Democratic mayor and most of the state’s congressional delegation have objected strenuously. The U.S. Customs and Border Protection service defended the practice on the grounds of protecting the officers’ personal safety.

The protests were initially precipitated by the death of George Floyd during his lawful arrest by police. The New York Times reported that there were demonstrators in Portland, including many who identified themselves as Antifa. Antifa is a domestic terrorist organization possibly bankrolled by George Soros, Antifa, an anti-fascist activist organization have had years of conflicts with law enforcement and nothing has been done to eliminate them.

For some unknown, sadistic reasoning, many Democrats, Black, and Hispanic people have come to the conclusion that the looting and burning is justified as payback under an unwritten law that they are protected and due compensation for an elusive concept that they are doing the right thing for the America People. Some have even gone so far as to say out loud that the looting and burning is OK because everything that has been stolen by looting or destroyed by fire can be replaced by the owners.

Take a good long look at the following videos and tell me that this is for the good of the American people..!