VOW FlagV.O.W. stands for “Vote One Way” and it is the slogan of the Web News Feed organization. This organization is being formed to bring together like-minded Americans to combine their desires and wishes into one voice, giving it enough strength and volume to be heard “LOUD & CLEAR” by every politician at the polls throughout American on election day during each and every election from this day forward.  The final goal is to eventually create a political party that actually represents all the American -people equally.

Until then, it is the intention of Web News Feed to put forth a concentrated effort to allow true Americans to return America to a state of grace; a country where the American government is a government operating strictly under the laws of its Constitution and operated by the people (Americans) for the people (Americans).

For far too long our Senators, Representatives, State governors, city mayors, judges, and law enforcement agencies have played fast and loose with the rights afforded to the American people under the Constitution of the United States slowly chipping away at our right to do this or that as guaranteed by the Constitution.

Favoritism for this or that group over another because they have a consolidated interest in electing politicians who they believe will pass laws that benefit them as a group whether it be one party looking to gain the power to favor (so they say) the poor or the other to favor the rich to give tax breaks or raise taxes or whatever else may be promised of interest to those groups.

Additionally, there are other interest groups who may be of Asian, African, Middle Eastern or Hispanic descent or any other ethnic group or the LGBT Communities vying for favoritism for their cause. This is not a government for the people as a whole as it should be.

It is not the objective of Web News Feed to single out any one of the aforementioned groups as the race, color, creed, religion, or sexual preference of any individual should never come into the equation of who should get what in America because our elected officials are sworn to uphold the rights and interest of “ALL AMERICANS” not just a select few.

It is the goal of this organization to track every single Presidential Hopeful, Senator, Representative, Governors of every state, and the mayor of every major city; holding each and every one of them under the preverbal magnifying glass, watching their every move and the very second they zig when they should have zagged, publicly or privately, we will shout it from the highest rooftops.

Each and every one of them will be placed under the “PREVERBAL MAGNIFYING GLASS!” Those that don’t perform in the best interest of “ALL AMERICANS” will feel the heat from us, the members of V.O.W.

I, as one individual American Patriot, can not accomplish this alone, but I now offer up my willingness to be the first to volunteer to pursue these objectives from this day forward. However for this to actually benefit the American people, you as an individual, must get involved. Shed your apathy and help me make a difference in the way you and your children live the rest of your lives.

We must find and identify those individuals who can and will serve the best interest of America and “ALL AMERICANS” equally.

It is with hope and a prayer in my heart that I make this offer to you to take up the cause of all the American people and make a “V.O.W.” to “VOTE ONE WAY” considering the information and recommendations from V.O.W.

I am not a Democrat or Republican! I am a natural-born American with Irish ancestors mixed with Spanish, Viking, and Cherokee blood. I identify myself as an American Patriot and as for which way to vote, if you are an American, I shouldn’t have to tell you. Step way back where you can see clearly and take a good long look at what’s been happening in America. Now without allowing prejudice of any kind or considering race, who is responsible for the condition of America. Now that you have determined with a fair and clear mind who is responsible, it is time to vote for the individual, regardless of their party affiliation, that can best serve America and bring it back to its once Glorious Place as it should be. I am taking the V.O.W. and I will be voting for President Trump. Take the V.O.W. with me and “VOTE ONE WAY”.